Progress Report

Society/Corporate:OCLC PICA
Name:Gatenby, Janifer

Mission Statement

OCLC PICA will be a valued global partner in the information infrastructure, helping libraries of all kinds in an economical way to create an environment that connects people to information.

Computer Networks and Connectivity

a.In General HW, SW:

HW : Sun v480, Intel platform

Operating Systems : Unix, Windows
RDMS: Sybase, Oracle
Web server: Apache

Union Catalog

a.Software used:

Catalogue maintenance: CBS / PSI 

Enquiry: PSI, ZPortal, Elektra

Local system interfaces:  LBS, SISIS SunRise, OLIB

Digital Library

a.Based on your production of digital documents::

OCLC PICA provides ContentDM and Olive as tools for the creation and management of digital libraries. OCLC PICA and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek operate Strata Preservation N.V., a centre to digitize, microfilm and preserve the rich history recorded in centuries-old European collections in European libraries.

New in-house Databases

LinkUK – union catalogue of approximately 40% of UK public libraries

New CBS installations – BSZ Baden Württemberg, Germany, Libraries Australia.

CBS installation in progress: TCR (The combined regions; network of approximately 60% of public libraries in the UK)

Electronic document delivery

Electronic Document delivery is available as an option through the PiCarta service and is used by many libraries in the Netherlands having agreements with one or more of the suppliers Swets & Zeitlinger, Chadwyck-Healey (Periodicals Contents Index), EBSCO Academic Search, Elsevier, Kluwer Academic, Springer Verlag and Academic Press.   The OL2  software is used with portals for resolving and linking to online text.

The VDX request management and delivery software interfaces with the CBS software and enables management of requests from multiple independent sources.

Research and Tehnology Development Products

FRBR work record import – joint project with OCLC. 

International ILL architecture in collaboration with OCLC.

DAI-project: use of the NCC name authority file by researchers in institutional repositories.

SRU server in production

Web based cataloguing in production


Standards work on:

             ZING update

ISO 8459 bibliographic data element directory

             The Request Submission Message via OpenURL (IPIG)

            Re-thinking resource sharing group

            ISO Holdings schema