Progress Report

Society/Corporate:Adacta srl
Name:Campeanu, Victoria Florica

Mission Statement

Design and realization of software and services for digital scanning, data entry and classification in libray and archives.

Digital Library

a.Based on your production of digital documents::
- Actanet is a web application for searching and browsing digital catalogues. The digital library is installed in Italian Republic Senate Library  ( and in Chamber of Deputies Library(
- Palanet is a web application for network visual retrieval of "Catalogo Palatino" of National Central Library of Florence (
- Historical Collection of drawings of Marucelliana Library of Florence (
- Vocanet is a web application for retrieval of Italian Law Lexicon for ITTIG Istituto di Teoria e Tecniche Giuridiche del CNR.
- Prisma - digital library on CD-Rom of old prints Marucelliana Library Collection.

Research and Tehnology Development Products

Retroconversion project "C.D.D." for Chamber of Deputies Library from about 580.000 images cards to UNIMARC records.
Index - creation of Italian Law Lexical on web.