Progress Report

Society/Corporate:Slovak Centre of scientific and technical information
Name:Cvik Oleg

Mission Statement

The SCSTI builds and makes accessible collection of Slovak and foreign documents related to
technical science, technology, applied science and social science too. The main group of our
users are students of Slovak technical university, other students, academic and technical
comunity and also general public.

Computer Networks and Connectivity

a.In General HW, SW:

Two LAN 100 Mbit Ethernet connected to SANET (Slovak academmic
network) by 100MB optical cable and protected by firewall. There are 6xLINUX as file servers, 4xLINUX
, web server, post server,DNS and proxy and 2xW2000 servers. Number of workstations is 140  (38 for public use) mostly mostly with OS WXP and W2000. We have two branches connected by microwave link (2Mbits).

b.New HW, SW; connectivity upgrades:

Two new servers (DELL) for new library system DAIMON  (Oracle),30 new workstations
WXP and upgrade of many LAN equipments

Library Automation

a.In General HW, SW:

We used new integrated library system DAIMON (made by Czech firm  Sefira) powered by Oracle system.
For our web sites ( and we used Context managament  system ROMBOID. WEb site (information about science in Slovakia) we produced without CMS system ("manually" by MS Frontpage) 

b.New HW, SW; others:

We buyed and modify system Ezproxy for internet acess to our on-line sources.
Note: We were resigned for use of so called Library integrated system of 3 generation (KIS3G) that was buyed by SNL
(Slovak National Library)

Special webservice

This year we implemented context managament system for 3 of our web site.
We were integrated to our web site service (Ezproxy) for our long-distance users by that  they can use our licensed titles
by internet.