Progress Report

Society/Corporate:Independent consultant / European Commission
Name:Davies, Ron


In 2005 he continued to work as an independent consultant in information and knowledge management systems. In addition to consulting with a national government agency on library portals, he has been extensively involved in the development of an international agricultural research portal that will provide access to more than 100 information resources for international agricultural researchers, members of the public and researchers in developing countries. He also wrote a report on integrated access as part of an international online consultation concerning knowledge management and sharing initiatives in the area of agriculture. In the course of the past year, he has developed and taught more than twenty-five courses in new technologies for libraries, digital repositories, library portals and document management for the UN, the European Commission and private companies. In addition to work for a UN agency implementing the Unicode version of Endeavor's Voyager system, from November 2005 until April 2006 he has been a contractual agent for the European Commission, implementing the ExLibris Aleph integrated library system, including developing Perl programs, SQL reports and XSLT stylesheets. He is author of a chapter in a forthcoming Facet publication on portals, and continues to participate in a working group developing the new British standard for structured vocabularies.