Progress Report

Society/Corporate:University Library in Bratislava
Name:ANDROVIČ, Alojz
Phone:00421 905657140
Fax:00421 2 54434246

Mission Statement

University Library in Bratislava (*1919) is the largest and most visited Slovak state scientific library with national and international competencies and activities, the legal deposit and conservation library, bibliographic agency, deposit 
library of UNO, UNESCO, national ISSN agency, national ILL co-ordinator, serials union catalogue provider, 
e-resources co-ordinator, digitisation and book restoration centre, culture portal provider, top cultural, information, scientific, research and educational institution. Parent body is the Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic, 
overall budget 2 million EUR, 2 500 000 units, universal profile, 256 employees. 

Computer Networks and Connectivity

a.In General HW, SW:
Computing Centre (department, staff of 12):
SUN Netra,
3xSUN UE450 (SUNOS 5.9, 70 GB) - Library System Aleph 500
1xCISCO Catalyst 4000
5xCISCO Catalyst3550
18xCISCO Catalyst 2950

120xPC Celeron 400-800M
b.New HW, SW; connectivity upgrades:
HPX86_64 (Linux,100 GB), Document Delivery, Ensemble
3xSUNFireV240(SUNOS5.9))-SunRay & authenticity Control
SUNFireV490(SUNOS5.10, 473GB) - Digital Deposit
I686(Linux, 341GB)- WebHarvest 

3xCISCO Aironet 1200, 3xCISCO Aironet1100 - WiFi
40xPCBULL Celeron 2.6G
2x BullEye Scanner A3, MyBib e-DOC
Ensemble SW- System Integration

Library Automation

a.In General HW, SW:
SUN Plattform
ALEPH500 V14 Library System
MyBibeDoc- Document Delivery
Patrons Access Control / Myfare Chip (Format ISIC)
b.New HW, SW; others:
Ensemble (Cross-Application User Authentification LDAP, ALEPH, Access System, ...)

Union Catalog

a.Software used:
National Union Catalogue of Periodicals (200 participating Libraries)
b.New features:
Migration to Virtua VTLS in Progress

Digital Library

a.Based on your production of digital documents::
Digital library of digitised rare documents (Manuscripts, old prints..)
Protection and publishing of national historical documents is one of the priority programs of The Ministry of culture of Slovak republic. In 1996 The Department of state language and national written heritage (Sekcia štátneho jazyka a národného písomníctva) in partnership with University Library in Bratislava (ULB) initiated subsumption of  the unique Bašagić collection of islamic manuscripts and old books to the Memory of the World Programme Register. At the same time the former minister of culture Ivan Hudec initiated a tentative of The Selected best works of Slovak literature for digitizing and publishing of these works via new medias and new networks. The first list of The Selected best works of Slovak literature was put together under the name of The Golden thread of Slovak literature (Zlatá niť slovenskej literatúry) in National literary center in february 1997. It contains 215 works ranging from Proglas and Nitra codex to the works of Žarnov and Sloboda. Along with classical scholar reading book writters and works (Bajza, Kollár, Hollý, štúrovci, Sládkovič, Hviezdoslav) can be seen many other works not known to the public on the list. Here belongs a collection of poems called Emblemata written by an important european humanist, native of Trnava, Ján Sambucus in 1564. What is extraordinary is the first book of Slovak grammar by Tobiáš Masník written in 1696 that was published as The report on Slovak writting (Správa písma slovenského...). In the selected collection can be found poems, prose or texts for theatre plays. These can be found in different forms and formats. Not all of the works are accessible at one place and in good condition, many of them exist in various different editions. Each chosen work requests distinctive approach and deep bibliographic processing. This specific work has been entrusted to the University Library in Bratislava (then named UKB-NKC), that has embodied it in its plans under the name of the Memory of Slovakia in 1998.

The Jewellery of Spiš
Golden thread of Slovak literature
Bibliotheca Clarisearum
Bašagić Collection of islamic manuscripts and old books
Full texts of Slovak writters` works
Digital documents - digital copies made in the University Library for another institutions


The Bibliotheca Clarissearum Project is a contribution of the University Library in Bratislava (ULB) to the national and world programme of preservation and presentation of cultural heritage. It introduces a selection of precious documents from historical book collections that are housed by the ULB. The historic collections are stored in the reconstructed (2003) historic building of former monastic society of Saint Clara (Claustrum monalium Sanctae Clarae) that is a part of the buildings of Multifunctional library and culture center in Bratislava.• University Library - The memory conservator

Bibliotheca Clarisearum - Enter
Judaics - Enter

b.If so, what is new in your digitalization programmes:

Digitization Centre in the University Library in Bratislava (ULB) is a labolatory for development of protective copying, digitization and publishing of digitized literary nature works belonging to the cultural heritage of Slovak republic. The mission of the Digitization Centre in the ULB is nationwide and refers to the Retrospective Bibliography and the Research of Culture of Book as well. This department is a coordinating workplace for international library and information cooperation in the field of digitization and has joined not only the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme.

New in-house Databases

Digitised documents from the library rare collection - a few series 

Special webservice

InHouse free of charge scanning service- Scan&a Go (based on MyBib eDoc workflow)

Electronic document delivery

Already in use- MyBibeDoc Document delivery system (BookEye Planetary scanners)

Legislation - not  yet on table

Research and Tehnology Development Products

Culture2000- Web Cultrural heritage (CZ, SI, EE, SK) - Webharvest methodology

eTEN- Digitisation on Demand (co-ordinated by Innsbruck, + 15 partners from EU)


 Portal of Culture